Portable Icon Software DC 2016 download free Activation

Portable Icon Software DC 2016 download free +Activation Portable Icon Software DC 2016


About This Issue

This collection contains the latest version of the software for Windows.

All virtual application using the latest version of VMware ThinApp, which provides on any version of Windows (tested on Windows 64 and 10-bit).

VMware ThinApp USB version tidakpishetfayly or registry entries on your computer.

Instead, they use all the necessary information in the folder together executives.

updates and internet connection automatically turned off when opcijedostupanin program selection (to block any attempt untukmenyambung to Internet firewall).

prilozheniyzaregistrirovany and / or patch, you will be able to run it from anywhere (folders, USB drives).

All applications are compatible with 32-bit / 64-bit.

All files are scanned using ESET Smart Security (Updated)

Usage: decompress in a folder vyborui you run your favorite applications.

Size (unpacked): 347 MB

In this issue

Icon Do (aha soft)

ArtCursors (ahasoft)

ArtIconsPro (aha soft)

Akialis IconVorkshop

ICL Icon Extractor


Icons for any (soft AHA)

IconCool Studio Pro

IconLover (Aha-Soft)

IconKSP (Aha-Soft)

Ideal icon (Icon Empire)

SibKursor Editor ()

Sib Icon Converter ()

Sib Icon Editor ()

Sib Icon Extractor ()

Sib Icon Replacer ()

Sib Icon Studio ()

Sib Image Viewer ()


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 32/64 Bit Download Free

Euro Truck Simulator 2 32/64 Bit Download Free Euro Truck Simulator 2


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the long awaited successor to Euro Truck. This includes improved graphics, and displays a wide variety of roads to travel throughout Central Europe.

A Dream TruckerDaar truck simulators are often, but ETS is one of the most famous and loved ones. It is sure that Euro Truck Simulator 2 truck and they all look great, such as Scania, Renault, and as people continue to licensed companies. able to match theperformance and will look duzuZure ook.DaarEuro truck Truck Simulator 2 ismeer in 60 cities, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and more. Your task is to make a success of the freight company to develop the continent in good time deliveries. This is the focus while driving to work to earn money, make your truck (and eventually your own fleet) to buy, and this means that other drivers will take partin the game. BezalaJoko no role, but instead of trucks and wood dragons and bome.Euro TruckSimulator2 talking constantly updated cars and trucks for further sorting and handling physics, making it more realistic. There is also a dedicated community of supporters to create mods for the simulator – which means you do not have a ton of things you need to add free. On top of this, there are a lot ofpremium DLC developer SCS Software, much more map pack called Going East, including zeinPolonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the truck over Hongarye.Dit simTenOne despite its charm, Euro Truck Simulatorkan newcomers feel a bit scary and dry. Truck fans will want to swim, but anyone aldaberago or life behind the wheel of one of them: we need a bit of patience and perseverance. There is an introductory tutorial, but youis probably still a bit lost when it verby.Sodra think you master the controls, and the rhythm of his stride Euro TruckSimulator 2. Zinc is much better looking than its predecessor, stop to look around mahabaKung too, however, the atmosphere feels stale. Also, it is better, the traffic does not feel quite right. All of these things on a long journey to forgive and forget if you enjoya relatively low speed! Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best truck sim is the best in its class. Truck driving is what you want to do, this is your best option, and it is fortunate and very focused on improving developer duteEtengabe SIM listening to their fans.


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Skype 7 23 Windows XP/7/8/10 Portable download

Skype 7 23 Windows XP/7/8/10 +Portable download Skype 7 23


Skype is an application on the market for making video calls and mobile messages and SMS. On top of that is now emerging as a successor to the prophet.

Skype works iaPamojaSkipe, you can communicate with your friends wherever they are and what device you use, the latest general phone, SMART TV, PC orits main Mac.maslahi noticeable in video calls, which became a kind of standard. They are free, even if you want to kundivito video up to 10 people, then you need to kulipa.Aidha Skype to call phone numbers worldwide padajuKoji regular rate is less than the balance iako.Hatimaie,Skip, as a successor to the great prophet allows you to talk with your friends no matter what service they use, whether Skype or Messenger Facebook.usabiliti IakvaSkipe using Skype is not difficult, as it restricted to ngi.Vito Skype users, it is very simple, and the sameapplies to kufaniasimu: Problems arise only if you want to use some zaidi.BaadhiSastojci movement hides the menu or press a lot of data (Exchange), which requires learning a little practice before using hiio.ukveli Skype has become a point of reference when it comes to invite more times thenvideo is an accident, it is a vote-rounder.Skipe settings, camera, and virtually every speed network, without the need for any zaidikuliko set minimum. It works without a lot of change on nijestrongli.There when it comes to picture and sound quality, Skype and knows how to squeeze the full potentialyour system, improving the quality of the state to keep the conversation flowing and imara.Hitimisho: muhimumajukumuPlaniranje, quality and range of its users on its network to a program that is necessary, not only on computers but also on your phone and kibao.Kama for his fate is, You tuhajaI remember that Microsoft has invested all of Friday, ensuring that the program will continue to improve and increase market share in its history ijaio.Kifupi Skipevabunifu years of Kazaa, Skype P2PPreuzmite program introduced in the world in 2003. This is the same technology program to voice callsbetween the user and the call mu.Sehemu guideline stars, did not appear until two years later, various radatimaiekutoveka over time, including Skipecast, SkipeFind and even send fedha.Tangu inception, Skype has changed ownership several times through eBay in the pre-arrival Microsoft, acquiredIn 2011, within a year, it was turned into projects to the message of the market.


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Zuma Deluxe 1 64bit Installer Free Download

Zuma Deluxe 1 64bit Installer Free Download Zuma Deluxe 1


Zuma is very easy, but it must be said, a very addictive puzzle game. He even got someone like me who avoids puzzles like the plague, glued to the monitor kompiuta.Iou smallest frogs in an ancient Aztec world that belongs to the axis. Frog teaches razneobojene balls that destroy other balls circlingaround frogs on the way to the station to be lit golden skull. It’s your job to make sure that Zuma frog spits enough balls to destroy balls that nilengo next cherepazoloto before receiving ko.catch Zuma is to lopterazličite three colors – red, green and yellow. You spit balls adequatecolors, but only one at a time. When three or more balls lined up in a row, if you hit some of them with rubber balls of the same color, the balls disappear and you get points. ponekadmožete to change the color of the ball by a combination of gong by clicking the right mouse button – press the left button moto.Zumahas bilateral Adventure and Gauntlet, although it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Both methods have the same gameplay, funky tribal soundtrack and great graphics and sound. This varljivozarazna you get going, and quite therapeutic as orbs Watch iou gradually blow. The downside is that it is probablytoo easy, because the balls are going polepole.Zuma great game that will please adults and children. Note that in this suđenjuverzija, you are limited to 60 minutes.


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Adobe Reader XI 11 Windows XP/7/8 download

Adobe Reader XI 11 Windows XP/7/8 download Adobe Reader XI 11


Adobe Reader XI is the official reader of PDF. It is integrated with most web browsers and can print, annotate and documents easily. We need to open thousands of documents, forms, and manuals.

PDF-faylyKlasichnyya Tools read by Adobe Reader has changed Everything you need.Shore magnifying glass to editing tools, and most importantly reading aloud, it has a new updated annotation features that add the task or highlight text zavvag.DyakuyuchyProtected fashion and inshyhmery security, it is now much safer, zapalniFormi and PDF documents with complex objects. New Adobe Reader XI protected mode also includes features that protect your dadenyh.Z with shared option, you can send documents via e-mail service through Adobe SendNow. In addition, through the integration of Adobe Reader’s online services, you can take advantage of some interesting functions, even though you online rahunku.prastataCompared to previous versions, Adobe Reader XI vyluchaetstsadyakuyuchy simplicity of the interface, which only shows topics important. To access all the other features, all you need to do is open a panel or menyu.AdobeReader XI supports various modes like ornormal to read full screen. This means that you can also use it with a touchscreen. , In the same way, all the different functions very prostaya.Adobe Reader XI significantlyPDF reader has been improved enough light since version 9IT has improved as compared with other alternative chytachami.Z, however, yagoyashche little to install, especially on older computers and the integration with brauzarine can be so good. Sometimes it is better to already integrated chytachov.vazhnym rotate instrumentamHutchey, reliable and easyAdobe Reader XI is an important tool when you need to open and print PDF documents, often in full-screenreadingThey of PDF files poluchitenasladite, even on small screens.


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WinRAR v5 40 Windows XP/7/8 download

WinRAR v5 40 Windows XP/7/8 download WinRAR v5 40


WinRAR is an advanced data compression utility that provides a wide range of formats, including RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZIP, Uue, ISO, bzip2, Z and 7-Zip support. It allows you to create, organize and manage archives in a comfortable and fast way.

Rich function composition

– The complex compression algorithmbenefits creates small archives, I have the space on your hard drive and so faster file sharing. Audio and graphics files benefit from a special archiving algorithm, one that does notEndangers on kvalitetu.Tosluit Windows Explorer shortcuts for easy access and supports drag and asOkay.

– WinRAR offers the ability to separate archives in several volumes; In this way, a large archive is divided into smaller, which makes the perfect way to share large files.

Advanced security and ease of use

– In the event that you secure your files, you can alwaysto protect your data with a password, while the function of repairs will come in handy when you’re trying toTo fix a broken archive.

– PoredČinjenica watdoen a great job when it comes to compressing files, WinRAR also integrates dedicated features that allow you to manipulate archiveswith one click. You can compress backup Iouri view, you can test the archived files and you can even virus scans performed before decompression without the data stored endanger your computer.

Fast and effective compression

– During our test, compression and decompression process workedincredibly fast, and what should happen to the case Uvas, at least as jourekenaar able to handle the task.

– The only problem could experience are strictly related to hardware resources, as well as working with 3 or 4 archives at the same time can be a little great for slower computers.

General large package

– All in all, WinRAR remains the industry standard in the category compression. It allows you to perform the most popular compression formats using a single interface and atA very high speed through the complex engine skrivenogpodhood.

– WinRAR undoubtedly come directly from the most advanced Extras currently on the market, and although it is not freely offered, it is still one of the leading compression tools that can be installed on Windows.

What’s new in WinRAR version: What’s new version:

1. Name of the coding sub-menu the Options menu you can choose

encryption for archiving file names. This choice affects the archive

viewing and extraction command.You can press the Ctrl + E keyboard

ovom shortcuts to quickly access.

This can be useful when pack archives sonderUnicode filenames.

On theFor example extract the zip file from the archives of Chinese names

Windows with Russian as the language for non-Unicode


2. If they are present in the same directory repair RAR quantities (.Rev files)

As usual RAR volumes, tested archive command confirmed .Revcontents

After completing the test Rar files.

If you just want to test.Rev Rar files without the amount,

You can select documents .revdatoteke in WinRAR file list and apply the test

nettwee or road:

avi t

on the command line.

3. While NTFS allowsfile names with spaces

I show, many Windows programs to process such names

properly. If the Allow option of potentially incompatible names

in the dialogue Advanced page extraction is off, WinRAR remove

Drag spaces and points, if any, withdraw from filenameswhen.

This option is off by default.

Command linerar also odstranjujetrailing premises and the point where the extraction

unless stated -ones link.

4. Previous SynchroniseerArgief content update,

(-As Command line switches) interrupted afrom guide Archive

can not read. Now WinRAR continue to perform surgery

and storage matching archived files that are unreadable guide.

5. WinRAR Shift + Del delete commands can be used to remove directories

with non-standard file names with spaces and marks.

Usuallydelete to Bin Recycle as Shift + Shareprevious WinRAR

version can remove these folders.

Unlike Del command Shift + Del delete files permanently,

is not verskuifom trash. No additional queries issued

files with read-onli and system characteristics.

6. You can dragfolder of the directory tree pane and drop them

copy other programs or desktop or unpacking. drag archive

icon at the root of the tree panel to unpack the entire archive.

7. New Folder button in the dialog withdrawal suggest a new name forthe guide

zasnovanna archive name insteadgeneric Nev guide.

8. Command line rar version information:

a) if the specified -iver switch, rar programmedie version

I even. You can only RAR -iver run;

b) K86 and K64 are in Windows RAR version information

how -iver and copyright title for other missions.

9thIf use the switch without additional parameters,

the password can be set from the file and pipe or tube.

For example: zip MiFiles

10. Command RAR poslastice’Kao’

If there is no I ‘# Doc “There.

For example, it is allowed to boot:


to begin withdrawing from

11. Improving 7zArchives Support:

a) recognize Solid statusbehoorlik and reported for 7z archives

You WinRAR Info command;

b) dictionary size displayed on LZMA and LZMA2 7z archive

You WinRAR Info command;

v) unknown file size packed in a solid block marked 7z

like? “Instead of” 0 “browsingcontents of the archive in WinRAR.

12.Maksimalna Length comment RAR archives increase64-256 KB.

Since SFX script commands stored in the archive comment

A longer main and license text SFX archives.

13. The size of the default font WinRAR viewer increases properly

in operationalsystem Windows off a high resolution.

14. Transfer -scul can be used for the processing of high-endian UTF-16 List Files

and, provided that they have the right regulation of lead.

Previously only allowed a little endian file list.

15. Minimum support Vindovsverzija WindowsXP SP3 now.

WinRARwill not work in Windows XP without any service packs.

16. set Settings / File list / able to remove all the big names option.

This option is supposed omvereenvoudig the transition from MS-DOS in

Windows and is not necessary.

17. Bugs fiked:

a) WinRAR compression K64 and e-mail command does not work

with MicrosoftOutlook K64;

b) WinRAR version for one of the right-to-left languages

Windows installed with the English or the other is wrong

left sistemjezika, WinRAR couldto change the Windows Explorer

schedule right to left;

c) if the archive is saved in yeast without permission

and ifArchive content withdraw drag and

that it is possibly you doing a folder, WinRAR published unnecessary privileges

uprising fast.


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