Reigns v1 0 free download

Reigns v1 0 free download Reigns v1 0


Reign (Full) APK-Xpoze

| Category: Map | | Requirements: Android and above |

Sitting on the throne, as the benevolent (or malevolent) head Middle Ages and modern times, the real finger left or right to impose its will on the government.

What’s new in this version:

icon changed. fixoMúsica and SFX slider does not work.

Game Review:

Sitting on the throne, as the benevolent (or malevolent) head Middle Ages and in modern times, so real paltsanyama left or right to imposeHis will setelahkerajaan. Survive the seemingly endless challenges demandasseus counselors, farmers, allies and enemies, while maintaining a balance between powerful factions of his kingdom. But be careful, every decision you make can have consequences, and the consequences of the poor so that you can put your kingdom and dinastíarisco familys!

Each year brings another government apparently questions patrabavatsVypadkovyya government can not be predicted, because it seeks to establish a balancebetween the church, the army and treasury. saving solutions and careful planning for a long time, but motivation, an event unexpected surprise, and the fate of the poor can take even the most reliable possible. Expand reign as long as possible, form alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die paradrazam your dynasty over time. Some events will be covered in a century of intrigue involving burn witches, scientific understanding, bad policy, and perhapsthe devil himself.

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