Are there blockages in your drains? Is the water gurgling or draining slowly? Are there bad smells coming from the drain?

It’s time to call in the experts – Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd.

Our extensive drain unblocking and maintenance services includes cleaning and jetting; unblocking; repair and installing new drainage where required.


Blocked drains can be caused by deposits such as grease, sludge, sand and debris. If preventative cleaning measures are not taken regularly, blockages occur. The problem begins with slow drainage – you’ll notice this in pipes around your house – or bad smells and gurgling water.

Call in the experts as soon as you notice the first signs of blockages. The longer you delay, the worse the blockages will become.

At Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd we use advanced techniques and specialist equipment to identify the blockage points, including CCTV inspection. Remedial solutions such as hydro jetting or hydro blasting are applied based on the cause and seriousness of the blockage.


One of the most efficient ways of cleaning drains is using high-pressure water jets. Economical and environmentally safe, hydro jetting requires using state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses. Ordinary water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure to clean drains and sewers. As powerful concentrated streams of water gush through the pipes, even the toughest blockages and build-ups are removed leaving your pipes absolutely clean.

Regular water jetting of drains and sewers can also be effective in preventing the build-up of blockages. Commercial establishments such as restaurants could especially benefit from hydro jetting frequently. Consult the experts, Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd , to know more about hydro jetting.


In some cases, when the damage to drains or sewers is extensive, relining of drains or sewers may not be a feasible solution. In such cases, new drains may be needed. Competitively priced and with many years of experience under our belt, the Ace Drain Unblocking Ltd team is best suited for this job.